Crop results!

Well yesterday I spent the whole day at my first ever crop...and loved it! I ate all the cake and choccys I could possible fit in, and really enjoyed a little bit of time with no kiddies. Everyone was really friendly, and I managed to get loads done. Here are two of my pages I completed...

I actually made three, but my camera didn't want to take a decent pic of the third one indoors, and then I got home, and spend the evening making another page! Just cant get enough! I shall post the other two pages soon. Hope evryone had a good week end! X


SOL Catch up!

Once again I have let my blogging duties slip! Although I have been snatching some scrapping time now and then.

Firstly, I need to show you last weeks LO for Scrapping Out Louds Recipe Challenge. We were asked to use...

3 Circles
A Heart
1 photo
5 Buttons

So here is what I did...

This is one of my pages to go in an album I am doing for someone, hopefully I can complete it in time for xmas!

And Yesterdays Challenge was to use numbers on your LO. Now I always find I have loads of numbers left on a sheet of Alphas when I have used all the letters up, but never know what to do with them. So I grabbed all the 4's, and came up with this....

I didn't think I needed to add many other embelishments as it would have risked making the page too overloaded with all the other colours on there.

Lastly I just want to share this 'just because' page. I happened to have my camera close by
when Oliver was having a tantrum so I snapped away and loved this photo!

I got the idea for the layout from a page by Wendy McKee. She is such an inspiration!


How embarrasing!

Much to my Husbands disgust, I made the page yesterday.....

It was supposed to be quite quick and simple. I already had the colour scheme and layout in mind before I started, and even a title. But I started with this sheet as my backing page....

Although I absolutley LOVE the paper, with such a busy background, everything looked too crowded and nothing stood out. I decided to save this sheet for when I have very little time, and only want to add a few simple plain embellies.

So what to do now...? I have everything ready, just nothing suitable to stick it down onto. i put it all against blue, green, grey, coffee coloured cardstock, but it all looked a bit lost on the page without that brown frame...

AHH HAA!!!! That was it...the brown frame! I used the diecut sheet as a template and cut out a brown frame from plain brown bazzil. VOILA!! It finished off the page perfectly!



Over at UKS at the mo, the Scrap Like You Mean It challenge for the week is to scrap using the word remember somewhere on your page.

Shimelle kindly linked up a couple of frebbies, some digital 'Remember' overlays, which I used both the white and black ones of.

I pasted the words several times, one over the other to ensure that whether the photo was dark or light, the words would still be visible.

Here was the result....

It takes note of the present when my daughter and her half-brother are very close, you would never know they are not 'real' siblings, and that they don't even live together. There are 7 years between them, so I am sure that this bond will fade over time (or at least he will get embarrased/annoyed by her when he is older!)

This is one of many photos of them two that I want to keep of a reminder of precious times like these!


Me Time!

Since my little lady has started school, and my lil man has started cutting down on his daytime naps, I seem to have little or no time to scrap! This is why I have actually started planning afternoons or evening just for 'me time'.

I keep Oliver awake all morning so he has a good hour or two in the afternoon, I get Izabelle some new pens/colouring book so she is amused for a while (with a disney princess film of course!) or I ask hubby when footy will be on, or which evenings he will be out so I can get kiddies to bed early! It may sound cruel, but we all have to have some time to ourselves to stay (slightly) sane!

After all that rambling, what I actually wanted to show you was a result of my most recent 'me time'....

I have learnt how to scrap quicker, to make the most of the short time I get, and I am slowly falling in love with machine stitching on layouts. The patchwork effect papers were all machine sewn together, with a little help from Izabelle!
(Tip: If you want to recreate this look, decide which parts will
actually be showing, so you don't waste time
and effort stitching pieces that will be hidden!)

I am now going to put little one down, and hopefully grab an hour...I am thinking of maybe a green & blue LO....Watch this space!


Scrapping Out Loud Reveal...

Ok, so am a day behind, but here is my DT page for this weeks 'hidden journaling' challenge over at SOL....

As you can see, I folded my journaling up and used some thread to wrap it around a button and hold it down. It was like a little reminder to Izabelle of what happened whilst getting ready for her 1st day at school.
I plan on using a photo I got of her walking home with daddy afterwards, to make a LO about how the morning went and what she thought about it....