Me Time!

Since my little lady has started school, and my lil man has started cutting down on his daytime naps, I seem to have little or no time to scrap! This is why I have actually started planning afternoons or evening just for 'me time'.

I keep Oliver awake all morning so he has a good hour or two in the afternoon, I get Izabelle some new pens/colouring book so she is amused for a while (with a disney princess film of course!) or I ask hubby when footy will be on, or which evenings he will be out so I can get kiddies to bed early! It may sound cruel, but we all have to have some time to ourselves to stay (slightly) sane!

After all that rambling, what I actually wanted to show you was a result of my most recent 'me time'....

I have learnt how to scrap quicker, to make the most of the short time I get, and I am slowly falling in love with machine stitching on layouts. The patchwork effect papers were all machine sewn together, with a little help from Izabelle!
(Tip: If you want to recreate this look, decide which parts will
actually be showing, so you don't waste time
and effort stitching pieces that will be hidden!)

I am now going to put little one down, and hopefully grab an hour...I am thinking of maybe a green & blue LO....Watch this space!


  1. Lou this LO is lovely - all the little details are just superb and what a cute photo!! xx

  2. OH my gosh!!! Love all the stitching!!! Such a cute cute pic of your babes sleepin!!


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