Quick catch up!

I have been really bad at photographing my LOs lately, mainly due to the terrible weather, but here are a couple that I have done recently.

I have just had a quick flick through my pages and there are at least five that I have got there still to photograph, so I shall get these to you asap! I hope you all have a fab New Year, and I shall post again in 2010! X


Here's mine!

Looking through my blogger reading list, there are so many pics of the snow that the UK has just been hit with...so I thought I would join in!

Oliver just enjoyed hitting the snow off of bushes...it is his first real play in snow!

Whilst Izabelle wanted to make snow angels, but didn't want to get a wet head...so air angels it was!!!

This is the view from out the front of my house...(if you can squeeze through the row of trees!)

As you can see we really did have 6 inches, but the kids soon saw to making it all look like a sloshy mess!

And this is my end of the close, our ice rink, where I have spent many a swear word trying to get a grip in the car, and slidding all over the place!

Hope all in the UK are enjoying the last of it!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!! XXX


Merry Christmas Teachers...

With school holidays starting at the end of this week, I thought I had better get into gear and make Izabelle's teacher a christmas gift...and fast!

I bought a Post-It note pad, a small 2010 diary and a jotter pad and managed to make this file for her, complete with a matching pen!

I used a large sheet of thin chipboard for the file, and it only took me an hour to get the template right! Phew...

I found a suitable pen first, then chose my papers so that they would all co-ordinate.

I love it, and want to keep it, but Izabelle is so looking forward to handing her gift to her teacher tomorrow!

Now the thought had just come to me...what about the teachers assistant...?