My Curly Girl...

Izabelle was born with a fine layer of dark hair. Which proceeded to drop out, leaving her totally bald. Not for a few months, but for around 18 long months! When her hair finally started coming through, it was lovely and blonde, and tight curls all over. She looked adorable. Although it grew slow, so she had a 'boy' haircut for quite a while, it was so pretty it really didn't matter. Her hair was always a talking point. I guess she got it from my dad, who had tight ringlets when he was younger.

Now she is nearly 5 and her hair is just below her shoulders. Sadly, with the weight of it, only her fringe and the bottom half of her hair is curly, the rest is wavy, and starting to darken. I am sure she will always have waves, like me, but I wanted to document those curls before they are just a faded memory!

I used a very different layout for this page, and I am 'in two minds' as to whether I love it, or just quite like it because of the gorgeous photo!

I bought the Prima swirl in light pink and blue, but when I got it home, I found it too 'baby-ish' to use. Luckily, it fit in perfectly for this page.

Now it is finished, I think I should not have used such a strong colour and pattern for the back panel, but as this is stitched on, it may be a little late to do anything about it!

Again, there are those butterlies. I have asked my local shop to put aside another butterfly punch for me when they next get it in...can't wait!

For now, I am going to try to do a blod and bright LO next, after being inspired by Rachael Elliot.
Post again soon! X


Round & round we go!

Well, not me, but a sketch instead! Below is the sketch I worked on for my last LO, from Sarah's Cards blog. I also decided to use this again, but this time I rotated it 90 degrees anti-clockwise, then flipped it vertically. Thus the photo was on top, and the accents below. This sketch has loads of white space with a cluster of embellies and papers, which is a perfect style for me.

I used this great photo of my DS, taken on New Years Day this year, when he seemed to look so grown up, and cool! He really is starting to become a lil' dude!

I just love this splat stamp by Making Memories. I may have gone a little overboard using it thre times on one page, but hey, he is one very messy little boy!

I also wanted to share with you this little piece I did for our bedroom wall yesterday.

I spent all day Thursday sorting our room out to look more like a relaxing bedroom than a spare room and dumping ground, and to finish off the look, I decided on a few accessories. If you live in the UK you may have heard of The Range stores. (Very cheap, but some great stuff for the home!)Well I picked up this canvas picture for just £3, which has the perfect colours for our room, but I also grabbed a pack of these 6 mirror effect butterflies for just 99p. I stuck the butterflies onto the picture, and off onto the wall. They look really pretty, and different.

Anyway, since I have a few hours this afternoon, I may now start on another page. Just have to browse for some inspiration!


Poorly People and Perfect Portraits.....

The poorly people were, well, all of us! We have all just gotten over a tummy bug which washed us all out for nearly a week. Even my overactive, excitable son who lets nothing get in his way was reduced to a lethargic state!

Very blurry face there!

Thank fully we are all now fully recovered, so I have finally managed to make another LO. It may have been only a week, but it seems like much longer since I have had the chance to scrap!

I was however, quite stuck for inspiration. This usually doesn't happen for long but I just could not get started! That was, until I found a sketch on the Sarah's Cards Blog.

My photo I had already chosen was the perfect shape and size for the sketch, and the bits I had started to choose fit in well too. So i just jiggled my exsisting layers around, added a few more, and voila!

I machine stiched around the edge, which is an effect I really like at the moment, and used 4 Bo-Bunny brads. Now usually, I wouldn't use more than one on a LO because they are too expensive and yummy to waste, but as these were free, I didn't mind! :)

In fact, I loved this sketch so much, I just might use it to do another page again soon. Maybe rotated? Watch This Space....!


Ooooh...goodie goodie!!!

Look what I received in the post today! A big box FULL of scrapping goodies! This was my prize from Scrapbook Magazine for being a Runner-up in their 'Scrapbooker of the Year' competition.

Fortunatly, (and suprisingly) there is nothing in the box that I already have (well, not anything that I wouldn't want more of anyway!)
I got loads of Stix 2 stuff, never will I be shopping for adhesives again! Plus a whole collection of Bo-Bunny papers...yummy!

But my fave few bits were definatly these Bo-Bunny Brads:

American Crafts Thickers:

...these American Crafts Brads:

Bo-Bunny Papers and die-cuts:

and these Making Memories stamps...how cool is that ink splat one?!

Sorry to be bragging about all this, but I was so excited that I had to share, at least with people who could see the attraction! TFL X


What makes hubby surrender?

Puppy Dog Eyes, that's what! One of his biggest weaknesses! And luckily for me, I apparently have these (my secret weapon in the war against men!)

Also, my children will one day be grateful that I have passed this on to them too! The photo in this LO is one of very few that have me and both my kids in, and I love that all our eyes next to each other appear exactly the same. So I decided to use this as the basis for my LO, with lots of browns as the colour scheme. I used greens and yellows as accent colours, which were all found in the new Basic Grey 'Origins' line. The idea for the green came from the backing card off the Prima Swirl! Luckily, there was a sheet of green checked paper in the BG range!

I wasn't sure at first about how this page was going, because it was quite different to any I've done before. There is detail all over the page and I am used to either using a neat symmetrical LO, or lots of white space with a cluster of detail. I am still in two minds, so what do you think?


Just a Quicky!

I found myself with a spare half hour this weekend, so I decided to start scrapping a photo I had been putting off for a long time. This photo is one from a group of professional ones we had done in May last year (it really has been that long!) but this was the freebie one, which I didn't have room to put up on the wall anywhere.

The photo was a 10" x 12" but I managed to trim it down to 8" x 12". I knew with a photo this size, I would have to keep the embelishments, and even background papers to a minimum, so I found this really difficult. It was really simple, and I stuck to the colours in the photo. It really did only take half an hour, and with more time I am sure I could have made it much better, but at least thats another thing knocked off my 'To Do' list!