Really simple...

Below is my latest page from my Celebrate Life album I am doing in conjunction with Shimelle's Something From almost Nothing class.

The 'lesson' was to help us use up our tickers. I know many of us have loads of these, but in fact I actually had a clear out and got rid of a whole load a few weeks ago! So I was left with a pile of alphas and a few small word stickers to use up instead.

This page is really simple, but I love it!

Caught up!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take part in Shimelle's Document:2010 over at UKS, allbeit a bit late!
But I have worked my little socks off to catch up with the last two months documantations, whilst still going with the Something From {Almost} Nothing class too!

So here are my four pages for February.


Celebrate Life....

This Celebrate Life Album I am doing is great! I love just documenting the simple pleasures in life. I am using all my fave photos, and some really new and different techniques to me.

This is the most recent page....actually, it is two sided, so here are the next two pages....


March Crop results...

So I only got to go to the Papermaze crop for a little while, and it was a very last minute decision, but i was pleased with this LO I made there...

I also made another LO whilst I was there, but have decided I am really not happy with it, and want to do some altering before I photograph it!


Page 3...

Here is the third page to my Celebrate Life Album. The fourth prompt from 'Something from Almost Nothing' inspired me to get using up some of my plain cardstock scraps.


Doc:2010 January Pages

I have all of a sudden, I have discovered Document:2010, and decided to take part. The class is free, run by Shimelle over at UK Scrappers, so there is a forum full of ideas and inspiration to help.
I am obviously behind, because I should have started at the begining of Feburary, but I should catch up soon. Here are my four January pages...

I had trouble retrieving much memorabilia from January, but I included some letters, a swine flu leaflet and some certificates and pics by my daughter. When I get round to doing March, it should be easier as I am now starting to collect bits.

I left the final page very simple, and I took the oppotunity to do a page about myself, noting in deatil what effects things in Jan had on me, and what had changed throughout the month.


Feeling a bit better?

I've gotta feeling he is over the worst!

...and here's page 2!

I really wasn't sure half way through this page that I was going in the right direction. I think I was put off by the fact that I was using a very bright piece of ribbon that was at least 3, if not 4 years old!

But now it is finished, and I have put it with the other two pages, it does fit in quite well!

Something from almost nothing...and in no time!

A bit late but Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummys out there! I hope you all had a lovely day!

I didn't!

We took my little boy to the on-call dr at 9.30 yesterday morning, and he confirmed he had a nasty chest infection, but it was so bad he wanted Paedriatrics at the hospital to see him. So we had to cancel the big family get together (much to my daughters disgust!) and make our way up to the hospital which is a 35minute car journey.

Once there he was examined, left to wait, and wait, and wait, x-rayed, left to wait, examined again, and fiunally sent home saying he had Bronchiolitis, which was all over one lung, and at the bottom of the other, he should go home and have no medication besides Paracetomol for his fever.


I asked 'wouldn't antibiotics help?' but the Dr. just said, 'YES!' but they may give him an upset tummy or thrush'

So? I would much rather that!

Anyway, enough of my ranting, we will just have to see how he goes!

And as I said in my title, I have taken part in two challenges this weekend.
The first is from Shimelles 'Something for almost nothing' class challenging us to use metal products we already have, then scraps of paper. I am creating an album called 'Celebrate Life', which this class helps you to complete throughout. So here is my album cover and first page...

This class is fab and you can sign up at any time, and take as long as you want to go through the prompts!

Secondly, over at 3 Scrappy Boys, There is a Scraplift relay running at the moment in the forum.
Here is the page I had to very quickly do before we went to the Dr's yesterday...

There is always fab inspiration, and a great group of gals to chat with at 3SB, so why not check it out? X


Love for Mum

This time of year always hits us hard. Birthdays are non stop, and the spending on cards and pressies seems never ending. Hence I have put a little more effort into my mothers Day Card this year, to hopefully compensate for the lack of present!

I used a fair bit of machine stitching (not very straight, I must say!) and mostly Bo Bunny Papers.

Well I tried to resist...but failed miserably! I have given in and signed up for Shimelle Laine's 'Something for {almost} nothing' class! It was only 10 but the way I figure it, I will be taught how to svae that on stash! (This is me preparing my argument for hubby!!!)

The class has already started but you can still sign up now....now off to catch up with the first few bits I have missed! X


Last year, one of my hubby's Grandads sadly passed away. And as an Easter pressy my Mother-in-law wanted me to make a scrapbook page of the two of them to frame and give to Nan.
This photo was edited to make the background black & white, so that they stood out a little more, and I took the gorgeous blue colour from Nan's dress and used it through the flowers.

It was quite difficult and even quite stressful making something for family. I spent hours choosing the right colours and patterns, and it was ages before I dared to stick anything down.

The cream card with the verse on it was from Grandad Johns funeral, and the words are so perfect, no title is needed. I just really hope Nan likes it!


I don't do resolutions!

Unlike most other people, I do not make New Years Resolutions. I never have. i know that if I say I will do something, and put pressure on myself to do it, I will fail within weeks.

However, i do know that for my own health, i need to drink more. I always have done. I can go all day without a drink and not realise til the evening.
This is why I have made this to go on my fridge....

The idea is that i will note how many glasses of drink (probably not just water!) I have actually had each day, in an attempt to scare/encourage myself into getting more of the wet stuff. It will also act as a reminder to grab a drink whenever I see it.
I have stuck it to my fridge using self adhesive magnets, and there is a Tim Holtz Ideaology Arrow to act as my marker.
I put the numbers 1-8 as it is common knowledge thatyou should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Theres no way that will be happening just yet, but it is something to aim for. I know it will take a while for my body to get used to having more fluids (toilet stops here we come!) but hopefully i will feel better for it. I am hoping to hit 5 glasses each day to start with...we'll see!


Never Again...

...will I give my son Choco Dips in the car...or anywhere else for that matter!

This was a rather blurry photo I quickly snapped on my phone before I attempted to clean him up, but I have tried to make the most of it!

I loved doing this LO as I was able to make it as messy as I liked, and go to town with that splat stamp again!

The backing sheet was made from two pieces of bazzil, cut out and inked. I sanded the chipboard alphas to distress them and I think everything else got a covering of brown ink!

Thanks for looking X


Off the page...

Tonight I have decorated a tin for a friend, who's neice liked the one I did her son a while ago. (Confused? I am!)

I used MME 'quite contrary' papers, well, one sheet of actually, but I used both sides. I love the colours of this line, but you can't really appreciate them in a photo.

Now I have been experimenting with different styles of detailing photos. These two styles take a lot less time to upload, but which of the two do you think is best? I would really appreciate my readers imput here!

Slide or Collage?

If I get a minute I shall write up a post explaining how to easily acheive both.

I did the whole tied ribbon thing, as I have seen it looking good so many times, and loved the shabby effect, but I don't think I really nailed it! Nevermind - she can always cut these off if she doesn't like it!

I have somehow run out of photo paper, and when I tried to get some in the supermarket today, they had also run out! Disaster! So hopefully tomorrow I can find some and print off the photo I really wanted to scrap next, otherwise I shall be attempting this one instead....

Makes you want to dive for the baby wipes, doesn't it?!


Ohh, i'm on a roll...!

I admit it.

I have done next to NO housework this week...all except the bare essentials. School run, washing up, whip the hoover round (quickly!)

Instead I have been hiding at my desk, scrapping. Morning, afternoon, and evening. In fact I got to bed at gone 11pm last night, and that is LATE for me!

So here is another LO....
I love this candid photo, but because of the grey/brown tones, it was hard to find a suitable colour scheme. So I went for all out BRIGHT & BOLD! Threw a whole load of colours at it...and it actually looks ok! Now apparently hubby has to make his way west again tonight, so I am now pondering what to donext. I did take the kids to the park for an hour earlier, in the hope it would tire them enough to put them to bed early again! Wicked Mummy!!!

No PP ?!?

I have just realised as I was uploading these photo's, that I actually didn't use any patterned paper for this LO!
I did this one last night, as hubby was away again. Yesterday I took a trek out to Capture The Magic (about 45mins drive) to have a little browse, and couldn't wait to play with the bits I got from there! So the kids were ushered into bed nice and early, and I even sacraficed watching Eastenders!

My fave buy, which I know is an old product now, was this Fancy Pants overlay.
I had seen it a long time ago on a LO in a magazine, and have wanted to play with one ever since.

I kept this page simple, using just a few colours. I had a lot more photos and journaling than usual, so I left the embelishments to a minimum.

Stitching around the two corners held it all in together. I actually left it without stitching last night, but it was still looking a bit unfinished this morning, until I got my sewing machine out!

The journaling reads:

'You two are inseparable. You both worry about each other, care madly foreach other, and love playing together. You both cry when the other is hurt or ill. You can't sleep when the other is not in the room with you, and you have to be sitting next to each other on the sofa. You are so close as brother and sister, and I hope you always will be.

But then there are those times, usually when I am in another room, and I hear a crash, bang or scream, I will ask ''Who was that?'' and straight away, without hesitation, Izabelle will forget all of this and declare-'


Thanks for looking! X


My afternoon...

...was great! I had some sort of virus yeasterday, leaving me incapable of even getting up, and it seems maybe it has rubbed off on Oliver today as he spent nearly 3 hours asleep this afternoon, and he even had theconsideration to do it whilst Izabelle was still at school!

This gave me the perfect opportunity to do some well deserved scrapping! So here is what I did....

I cut out the section of patterned paper behind the photo etc, so I could cut out single butterflies as embelishments. Won't waste a bit me!

They were really fiddly, and even more so to trace around and cut out brown ones as bottom layers! But well worth it.

Also, I wanted to show you this page I did on Saturday. I adored the photos of my daughter doing her school reading books, but as she had her red school jumper on, and our carpet is almost an identical colour, she didn't really stand out. This meant I definatly couldn't have the photos as black and white ones.

Anyway, I had promised myself I would do a LO with a bit of colour, so I did, and this what happened....

I think the only bit of this page I am really happy with is the title. I raised a few random letters, and it looks pretty cool.

Well hubby has warned that he may be out in his lorry tonight so I won't be tidying my scrapping bits away for the day yet, just in case :)
A little while ago, the lovely (and very talented) Wendy from Papermaze's Blog, 'Scrap, Paper, Scissors' asked me to create a few pages using some sketches, for an article on the blog. 'Of course' I said, very honoured, but also looking forward to using this reason as an excuse to go shopping at Papermaze again!
So here are the four pages I created, but to see the sketches Wendy and I used, plus Wendy's fab pages, you will have to pop on over to their blog!