Ohh, i'm on a roll...!

I admit it.

I have done next to NO housework this week...all except the bare essentials. School run, washing up, whip the hoover round (quickly!)

Instead I have been hiding at my desk, scrapping. Morning, afternoon, and evening. In fact I got to bed at gone 11pm last night, and that is LATE for me!

So here is another LO....
I love this candid photo, but because of the grey/brown tones, it was hard to find a suitable colour scheme. So I went for all out BRIGHT & BOLD! Threw a whole load of colours at it...and it actually looks ok! Now apparently hubby has to make his way west again tonight, so I am now pondering what to donext. I did take the kids to the park for an hour earlier, in the hope it would tire them enough to put them to bed early again! Wicked Mummy!!!


  1. love that you are feeling so inspired, awesome LO :D

  2. wow i am loving your work, never mind about the housework keep going!

  3. What is this 'housework' of which you speak???? Gorgeous pages, as ever!

  4. so much texture on this layout it's just stunning.


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