Sarahs Cards May Kit

I little while ago I showed you all sneeky peeks of the work I did with the Sarah's Cards May Kit. And now I can finally show you the complete pages!

I loved that so many effects and styles could be acheived with this kit, and being my first one from Sarahs Cards, I couldn't believe how much stuff was in the box!

It's done!

I have finally finished my bedroom and scrapping corner, and even taken the photos to prove it! Just click on the 'My Craft Corner' tab at the top to see all the details.

I have been busy with family suff too, organising the kids birthday's and their BIG party that was on Sunday (only 33 kids...a doddle!) and now my little girl has Parvovirus and is too poorly to enjoy her pressies!

Anyways. I am crossing my fingers for an evening of scrapping tonight. It will be the first in nearly two weeks, so I am reall looking forward to it, and have ll these new photo's to play with...


but while I am here...

I just remembered to direct you over to Sarah's Cards Blog where they have just set a fab new challenge. This is my page above, but I am sure you will have fun with this one, in MANY different ways! :)

I'll be back...

No, I am not a terminator fan, unlike my husband, but I just wanted to explain my recent absence! I am redecorating my bedroom, PLUS getting a new craft space in the corner. We have been to Ikea, painted the walls...and when it is all completed, I shall be posting pictures. Of course, all my scrapping stuff is packed away at the moment, :( and my computer has only been plugged in to deal with an urgent email!
I am also trying to organise my childrens big birthday party for this weeked, and both their birthdays coming up in the next week - phew!
So fingers crossed, I shall be back by the end of the week with some photos of my spangly new scraproom (oh, and the rest of the bedroom!)


Elle's Box

This is another one of those projects I have had in the pipeline for a while, but not had the enthusiasum to complete.
I had the box (£2.99 from QD Stores! ;) ) but I was then a bit stuck!
That was, until my Bo-Bunny Prize arrived this morning! The box was packed full of goodies, most Sophie products...so I got to work.

I even covered parts of the inside of the box with paper, and now I am off to give it to my friend who asked for it...hope she likes!


New love...

One hobby I really enjoy, but rarely have time to do, is playing with photo editing. I love to sit and play with the effects on this blog, which I can do for hours, and I really enjoy editing photos, and discovering new effects I can acheive.

I am a little annoyed that I didn't go for an iphone when I recently upgraded, especially since the new 'hipstamatic app is available. I would LOVE to put that to use!

So instead, I have been playing with my good old Paint.NET, and these are a couple of similar effects I managed...
...and I have also been constructing my own frames to place over photos before printing..
I am not into digital scrapping, but I do love to print of origial photos for paper scrapping, so you may soon be seeing some 'old fashoined' style photos on my pages very soon!

Scrap Paper Scissors Colour Challenge

A while ago, Wendy put a call out on her blog for some help with examples for a colour challenge tthat she would be holding over on Papermaze's 'Scrap, Paper, Scissors' blog.

Of course I jumped at the chance of a little challenge, so I offered this...

 In response to this colour combo...

You can see all the other inspiration, and take part in this, and other colour challenges, over on the blog.


The sweetest photo ever...

...and I just couldn't do it the justice it deserved! I have had a nasty bout of that 'scrapper's block' that has been going around, and it has been over a week since I managed to sit down and actually complete anything!

I printed this photo off recently, and even found a die-cut backing paper that went perfectly with it...

So after a long hot bath tonight (reading lots of old copies of scrappy mags for inspiration) I sat down to get this one done...

Excuse the awful photo, it is very dark in my little room this late at night! I raised everything up to try to give it added interest. It just didn't quite come together as I would have liked, but hey ho, I should know better than to scrap tired anyway!

On a brighter note, I did manage to get my bathroom floor laid last week. I was up until midnight, and went to bed with blisters...but I am really pleased it is done...and I did it by myself! So what are men for, really???

We still have a bit to do, but it will soon be our first completed room of the house! Thank goodness we do not have to wash in the awful 'apricot' coloured suite anymore!