Keeping me going...

...is my happy chappy! Along with my little princess and their wonderful Daddy! It is fair to say that I have not been on top of the world lately, in fact, quite the opposite.
I am sure you have read previously how poorly all the family have been, except myself, so I won't go into details, but they are all much much better now.
In fact, now life is returning to normal, it seems I can relax a little and my body is telling me that I have exhausted myself with all the nursing and worrying i've been doing so 'down in the dumps' is a pretty fair description of how I am at the mo.
However, things will pick up, especially with all this gorgeous weather, and I am going off to do a spot of scrapbook supply shopping shortly to help encourage my mojo back!
Until then, here is a page I did of my previously mentioned 'Happy Chappy'
Not very good photos but you get the idea!

I wanted loads of dimension so I lifted each layer with squares of thick cardboard. The house isn't really relevant to the photo at all but I loved the bright colours, so it stays!


Time for a change.

I am a little ashamed to admit I think I have fallen a little out of love with my blog lately. So to get me back on track, I have decided to send a little time updating the look.
Please bear with me whilst things look a little 'building site-y'!
I will be all shiny and pretty again soon!


page 42!

In Scrapbook Magazine is this page....

I also wanted to show you this quick page I did...

More to come soon....!

so much to show...(photo heavy post!)

Even though I have just about found the time to scrap lately, I have really not had time to take pics and post them! I have been doing a LOT of gardening whilst the weather is still ok, and I am still playing nurse to hubby :(

So today I shall share some of my Sarah's Cards DT work...
This is what I created with the gorgeous Pebbles June Kit...

...and more recently I have been busy doing some blog work,
so here are a few pages that are up on the blog now...

This is a class, it is more of a wall piece than a page!

Tomorrow I shall post a LO that is in the most recent Scrapbook Magazine,
and if get time to photograph them, a few pages I have done for myself!


Back at last...

I have been away from blogger for so long I had almost forgotten how it worked!
So what's been going on to keep me away from my beloved computer and scrap desk for so long?

Well, Hubby got viral meningitis, he is still off work and suffering, poor thing! DD got a virus, then a chest infection, and DS got the same virus, then we think he got Slapped Cheek Syndrome too. Maybe we should just paint a big red cross on our front door!

Me...? I don't like to tempt fate but I have had to stay healthy to play nurse for the past few weeks!

However, I have recently found a little time to play with my Sarah's Cards Blog Kit this month. I can't show you all I have done, but I can reveal that this piece is now on the blog, along with full instructions on how to make it!

And keep an eye out for Scrapbook Magazine. I should have a page in there again this month...