Keeping me going...

...is my happy chappy! Along with my little princess and their wonderful Daddy! It is fair to say that I have not been on top of the world lately, in fact, quite the opposite.
I am sure you have read previously how poorly all the family have been, except myself, so I won't go into details, but they are all much much better now.
In fact, now life is returning to normal, it seems I can relax a little and my body is telling me that I have exhausted myself with all the nursing and worrying i've been doing so 'down in the dumps' is a pretty fair description of how I am at the mo.
However, things will pick up, especially with all this gorgeous weather, and I am going off to do a spot of scrapbook supply shopping shortly to help encourage my mojo back!
Until then, here is a page I did of my previously mentioned 'Happy Chappy'
Not very good photos but you get the idea!

I wanted loads of dimension so I lifted each layer with squares of thick cardboard. The house isn't really relevant to the photo at all but I loved the bright colours, so it stays!


  1. Hugs love. Take care of yourself. ikwym about your body now letting you know. A while back my hubby was very sick and on deaths door really. i was caring for him and two toddlers. Was ok really then he got better and I felt drained and kept crying. I think you run on adreniline while you're busy then when you have time to slow down it hits you. LOVE your lo, really bright and such a cute pic. :) Enjoy scrap shopping. You deserve it. :)

  2. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon Lou {hugs} it is exhausting looking after sick people!
    I am loving the layout, he is so cute and all the colour is so summery and cheerful.
    Take care xxx

  3. Lou.
    I'm sorry to hear youre not feeling yourself, a bit of retail theropy is just what you need [the scrapping kind is the best]
    I'm so glad to hear the family are now better.
    take care of yourself and listen to what your body is telling you - take it easy - Ju xx

  4. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, Lou, hope things pick up soon. Love the LO, with you on the dimension thing, lol!


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