New Website!

Where have I been? Well, actually I have been setting up a new website (and hopefully my new business!) This has taken ALL my time lately, so please do pop on over and have a look.

Basically, I am offering non-creative people to have their most precious pics doctored, as we do, and framed to display as a keepsake, or give as a gift.

Fingers crossed it will all go OK, but I am totally open to any suggestions concerning the website, business, or whatever. Please do comment, I take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism very well :)


Finally, a page!

Yep, the weather has been GORGEOUS here, so scrapping time is limited. If I do sit down at my desk, I feel like I am wasting quality garden time!
So the other night when hubby went out and the sun went down (and knats came out to play!) I set to do a page for the first time in weeks...

A fab day out!

Now Hubby is feeling much better, we have been makng the most of this gorgeous weather and taking a few more day trips out. Last weekend we met up with some friends in Leiston, where they have a small caravan parked up for the summer.

It was lovely to be able to walk the beach, get some lunch, then relax in the shade of the caravan, with cool drinks and a paddling pool for the kids (not to mention the massive water fight the kids had!)

The day was perfect, and I thought i'd share a few pics to prove I have not vanished off the face of the planet...