3 Going On 13...

...that's how we used to describe my daughter! Now, it's 5 going on 15! lol! The frown she is demonstrating in this LO used to be a common occurance as soon as she got the hump!

I am so hooked on using zips at the moment so you will be seeing loads more when I get to a harberdashery! (Wow, can you imaging a layout covered in them....?)
I adore Tim Holtz metal embelishments, only I hardly dare use them in case I use them up too quickly!
I am also getting into using my crop-a-dile more now, it's so simple to use!

I love Mondays because I don't have work and I generally stay in, catch up with a bit of housework and do a fair bit of scrapping. Now I am off to have a go at the new Pencil Lines sketch that went live last night...back soon!


  1. Gorgeous! Love how you use zips

  2. Zips? far too much sewing involved for me!! I do love the effect though & you have used them so well :)

  3. That is an extraordinary amazing layout Lou..is it going up on the shop wall? Never used a zip..but feel quite tempted...Karen x

  4. ok, it's not fair .... you're waaaaaaaaaayyyy to talented :) ... this is just stunning, really really stunning.

  5. This layout was really really cool!!! Lööööve the way you used the zipper!


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