Prima April BAP

This is one of those photos that says an awful lot if you know the story behind it! It was actually taken just after my sisters wedding, where she is taking a breather and reflecting upon what just happened!!!

I used Primas Build-A-Page sketch for April to make this page. I loved the balance between the vertical lines and horizontal embellishments.

I decided to mix my fonts for the title, simply using three words to describe her feelings.

I cut strips of book pages, folded them and stitched them down ones side, curling up the top layer to add dimension and interest.

I am off for a family holiday on Monday so shall not be back until at least next weekend...I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break x


Mothers Day Cards...

These are the two Mothers Day cards I have made this year, as promised. They are totally different, in both style and colours,which then made it difficult to decide who give which to!

When I make a card, I always add some layering inside for the message to go on. I think it makes the card stronger, but also adds as a lovely finishing touch.


Headband for my Daughter...

Izabelle has a tendancy to break headbands, without even trying. So I thought I would try to get her a really thick,strong one that would put up with her a little better! The only one I could find was a plain red one. That was ok, but it was boring...very boring. So I waved my magic wand,and usingmostly Zva products, I prettied it up a bit!

I used hot glue to stick two layers of this pleated ribbon over the red plastic, and simply stuck these gorgeous flowers on top. I also cut up a pearl swirl, and stuck it down on top of the ribbon for more detail.

She loves it,and fingers crossed,she won't break it either!


Finally, a page...

...after a few days away from blogging, I have finally sat down to type up some things. This is one of my Zva projects for March. I loved how the big red flower was similar to the one in the photo...
I used a mix of old and new papers...there is new basic grey, and echo park. I went for a black punched edging to add contrast.

Tomorrow I shall be posting another of my Zva projects, and begining of next week, I hope to show you the Mothers Day cards i made.

Enjoy your weekend x