Headband for my Daughter...

Izabelle has a tendancy to break headbands, without even trying. So I thought I would try to get her a really thick,strong one that would put up with her a little better! The only one I could find was a plain red one. That was ok, but it was boring...very boring. So I waved my magic wand,and usingmostly Zva products, I prettied it up a bit!

I used hot glue to stick two layers of this pleated ribbon over the red plastic, and simply stuck these gorgeous flowers on top. I also cut up a pearl swirl, and stuck it down on top of the ribbon for more detail.

She loves it,and fingers crossed,she won't break it either!

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  1. I am waiting for you to post a pic of Ron on here all glue gunned and papered over. . . (or a wine bottle holder)


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