Spot the difference...

So here is the (hopefully) improved version!! Just a bit more stitching, a sanding of the title and a couple more blooms! It took all of ten minutes and I am much happier :)


  1. That's beautiful, Lou, as always! x

  2. I love dthe before version as well, but its extra darling now!! just beautiful. Love the added corner stitching!!

  3. Hi Lou Ita here in Ireland ,I want to start Scrapebooking so hoping to get some ideas and an some stage help,I joined your blog as I follow Christine Emberson's blog ,at the moment I do not have my own ,waiting for my son to come back from sea to help me start

  4. I follow your blog and decided to try doing one of my own....granter I am very new to this but I thought you might check it out and let me know what you think??? Thx so much:http://prettyinpinkscrapping.blogspot.com


I really appreciate all comments left...Thank you :-)