30 minute page...

I  love Wednesday mornings! It is the only time when both my kids are in school and nursery and I am not at work. So I get three hours of scrapping...well, i would have had three hours if the phone hadnt kept ringing...so this morning my three hours turned into a little over a half! However, I wasnt going to let it stop me creating SOMETHING!

So here is what I managed to make in half an hour....

 I did try filming the process on my iPad too to prove it but now I cant work out how to get the video on my pc for editing...whoops!

I simply whizzed through my embellishment boxes picking out one or two bits from each that would match and pretty much 'threw' it all on the page!

...and now im back off to the school to collect the big one...fingers crossed I may get another half hour sometime soon :-)


  1. You did that in 30 minutes? That's amazing - such a beautiful page. I'd still be shuffling papers lol!

  2. wow, amazing to do that in 30 minutes, cant wait to see what you do nect wednesday :)

  3. I am in awe that you created that page in 30minutes!!!!!!! I would be with Julia and still shuffling papers lol.


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