CSI #38

Do you ever create a layout that begins difficult and you feel like giving up...and then it suddenly falls together. Well that happened with this layout.
You see, when I play along with challenges, such as C.S.I., I try to fit in as much of the criteria as possible. But really, you only need a couple of elements on your page to complete the challenge. So I chose just a few of the criteria, ones which I was comfortable putting together, and I stuck with just those.

 For this challenge, I used the evidence: Flowers, Woodgrain, Misting, Borders and Newsprint.
And for my testimony, I chose to use words from the Lionel Richie song 'Easy' which are in my title '...I wanna be free...'
 My journaling describes my sons constant need for freedom, and how hard it has been for me to let hm have it...
  'From the moment you were born you struggled with being restrained.
Swaddling you, putting a nappy on you, strapping you in your car-seat or buggy…you would fight me
every time.
Once you were crawling you would spot an open door a mile off, and by the time you could walk you could easily climb over stair gates.
Like any mother however, I just want to keep you close. The fear of what might happen if I let you go do your own thing petrified me.
Now you are 4 years old.
You are allowed to go to the park with your sister, and you are in full time school.
I have had to let you go so you can blossom, grow and learn, but I know that however much freedom you have, you will always come back to me when you’ve had your fun.
Because you’ll always be my little boy.'

Here is the Case File I was working from....
Thanks for looking!


For Maggie...

Here is a scrapbook page I did for my Brother and Sister-in-Law to frame. My niece, Maggie, turned Five the same day as my birthday, sept 14th and she also started school this month so I wanted to do this for them as a reminder of how grown up she is now, and how little she was in the future!

 I adore the style of Felicity Wilson, and took inspiration from some of her work.

My brother has it hung in his hallway already, for all to see as soon as they walk in...I am so glad they liked it!


Daytime Classes at Papermaze...

If you follow the papermaze blog Scrap, Paper, Scissors, (and if not why not??!!) then you will have read that we are finally starting up the workshops again. It has been a year since the horrific fire, and we now have a new workshop area, with more space than before, but still the shop is open during the classes, and refreshments are provided.

My classes will be held on Wednesday mornings, the first starting on the 3rd October, 10 til 12. This class is concentrating on different ways to use mists, and you will come away with one beautiful layout, loads of inspiration and probably inky fingers too!

Below are examples of my work, which is similar to the style of page I will be teaching, and every class will have a boy or girl version of the page, for those of you who only have photos of either.

My first class only has 2 spaces left at the moment, so please email me at louizabelle@hotmail.co.uk to reserve a place or ask any questions.

Wendy will also be holding classes on Wednesday evenings, so pop over to the blog to see details of these.

Please do let us know if you cannot make any of our classes due to the times but would like to. If we find a lot of people are available on different days or times, we can plan classes to suit, so the more feedback, the better! :)


Life's a beach...

Well, at least we get to see a little more of it now we have moved a bit closer to the coast anyway!
This photo was taken in the summer hols when we took an impromptu trip to a little beach 10 mins down the road.

It was a quick page that fell together (that rarely happens!) but I am pleased with how I managed to stick to just a few light beachy colours and keep loads of white space!

Thanks for looking!


CSI #36

So with the chilly weather we have today after the scorcher of last week, it really does feel as though Autumn is definitely on its way. That teamed with the current case file over at CSI too.

Here is the page I made for this challenge, aren't the colours just all warm and yummy??

...and here is the case file!


CSI Case File #35

Now my holiday is over :-( and the kids are back to school. My son is now four and has started Full time school, so this is the first time in 4 years where I have had time at home, on my own the days that i don't work! So to fill the gaps, I am emersing myself into my scrapbooking, and since I had caught up with all my work befotre I went away, I now have a little time to scrap for myself :-D

So I have been playing with the CSI's recent case file, and I loved the colours of this one so much, I decided to create two layouts with it....

 Of course if I did one with one of my children, its only fair that I use a photo of the other child in the second!

Thanks for looking!