A quick card...

The weekend before last was one where we had none of the children. Just two days of spending time together without any whining or arguing from the kids...as much as we love them, its always heaven!

So Sunday afternoon I got half an hour or so (whilst Glyn napped!) to make this card for a friend...

That's it, just a quick share for today, but aren't you impressed? Three posts in a week! I'm just as surprised!


Simply Cards and Papercrafts

See, I told you it wouldn't be too long before I posted again :-) I wonder how long i'll keep this up!

Very often, when I create cards for a magazine article, I take a quick nap of them all together for the Editor to scan over, and then I get them in the post and move on to the next project, so I rarely take decent pics to show on here.
However, for some reason I did photograph the cards for this article. The brief was to use pegs, both household and craft size, on card designs.

Here are the results.....

This one below made the main front cover image :-D

I really enjoyed making these cards! Plus the colour scheme is one of my favourites!
Also, I think in the same issue, I created these two cards using a Stampin' Up Stamp Set. Isn't that whale adorable?!?

Now, a few weeks back I was browsing Pinterest and I decided I would like to try out Art Journaling. I have visited a few Art shops, bought loads more wet mediums, spent an obscene amount on a good quality Art Journal, and stocked up on new masks and stamps....but I am still yet to have the time to sit down and have a play!
I am itching to get it all out and get messy...so fingers crossed I will have something art journally to show you next!


Its been sooooo long!!

I know, I know, I've been awful at updating my blog lately! But this morning I have decided to finally have a bit of a catch up with some of the pieces I can show, mostly magazine work that has now been published.
I have split the bits to show you into a couple of posts, so check back in a couple of days for some more.
Firstly, I love getting the New Papers commissions from Scrapbook Magazine. It means I get to have a play with the newest paper lines out and create two layouts with each.
First up here is a couple of layouts made using Basic Grey Carte Postale...

Can you tell my boy loves the camera?
Second here is BoBunny Prairie Chic papers. I chose to do both a girly and masculine layout with these, to show their range.

Lastly for today, an apology!
This layout below was created as part of the Designer Gallery a few issues back. Unfortunately I didn't pay as much attention as I should have and there's an offence word printed on the book page I used. The book I tear my pages from is 'The Devil Wears Prada' and I don't remember any bad words in it when I read it, which is why I think I didn't check it over properly before using it. I am normally so careful, but this must have just been one of those days where I let my professionalism slip!!
So I am sorry if any of you spotted it and were offended, and I'm sure if you have the magazine and missed it, you'll be rushing to flick through and take a peek lol! (I know I would!)


Making the most of chipbioard *DUSTY ATTIC*

When I received my Design Team parcel of goodies from Dusty attic, I was thrilled to find some of the new filmstrip chippies. These have to be one of my favourite DA products so far, but this hhas left me with a bit of a dilemma. Its hard knowing when to use your favourite chipboard pieces, knowing that you only have one! This is why I decided to show you how to stretch your favourite chippies so you can use them on more than one page.
Here I have used the gorgeous filmstrip piece as an example on just one page, but you could use just half and save the second half for another project all together.
Take your chippie and look at it carefully. Lay it on your blank page, move it about and play with positioning until you find a way that you can cut your chippie in half. Yep, that's right. with a craft knife, cut straight through the middle giving you two pieces. Some pieces will need too be cut vertically, such as a bird cage, and some will not matter.

I used my first half of a filmstrip here as a frame for my photo. Taking the second half I played around with positioning again so I could chop it up some more. You will see I have done it in such a way that it looks as if there are actually three pieces of filmstrip layered on top of one another. Voila! Much more Chippy for your stash :-)