Dusty Attic Card...

Occasionally we all have events in life that we need to mark, even if they are not the happiest. Unfortunately I needed to create a card for a friend who has lost a loved one recently, and it would have been his birthday soon.
It is always difficult to know where to start, but when I saw these Mini Ornate Gates from Dusty Attic, I knew they would be perfect.
To get the worn, peeled gold paint effect, I used black paint first as a base. I applied mine with a paint dabber, as thickly as possible.

Before the paint dried, I sprinkled on some gold gilding flakes. These are very thin, and will get everywhere so you need to try to contain them! I worked in the bottom of a pizza box.
Press the loose flakes into the wet paint and wait a few minutes for it to dry. This does not take long at all which is why I needed to work quickly.

Once dry, use a stiff brush to brush away any loose pieces, and get into all the small details and gaps.
You will be left with a partly gilded chippy which can then be sealed with a matt sealer such as Mod Podge.

I decorated mine with leave, flowers and a metal charm to finish.


Using Project Life Products

Have you spotted the new Project Life available in store and online at www.papermaze.co.uk now? Now personally, I am not a 'Project Lifer'
However, that does not mean that I couldn't have a play with some of these cards, and this is the layout I came up with...
I added my own usual touches like ink, paint, flowers and metal embellishments, but it was the journaling cards that formed the base for my page.

I took three patterned 3x4 cards and cut them longways into strips. Some of these strips I curved the edges of and my little man sat and inked all the edges for me :-)
I laid these together in a cluster to go under my photo, and gutted the centre out of one as a frame.
The speech bubbles were cut from others and formed my titles.



Wedding pieces

I don't make a habit of preparing wedding stationary or table pieces etc, but when a friend or family member is getting married I will make an exception. To be honest, I could make good money from the bigger jobs, but I just can not do the repetitiveness of creating large numbers of the same or similar pieces.
So here are a few pieces I have created this year for special people. First up is an old friend. She really wanted a vintage style wedding, with lace, dusky pinks and platinum colours. She had seem a table plan idea whereby the table plans were set out in different frames, and she also choose to have these altered to fit in with her theme...

 When all the frames were placed together, they did look really lovely. she obviously was good at visualising things!

To co-ordinate with these, she wanted small cards to be made for the tables with their numbers on. The idea was that her fiancé had given her a photo book I think when they got engaged, and each page listed the reasons he loved her (sweet!) so she wanted to name each of the tables after one of these reasons, hence the writing on the cards!

Next there was a guest book to decorate in the same colours. I used a Dusty Attic chipboard frame and Prima swirls and flowers....

Lastly, she wanted 4 of these. This was after she saw that I had made some for another friends wedding a while before. They are approx. 8" x 8" and are to stand in places such as the buffet table and guest book table. Each has a photo of the couple together. I enjoyed these most as its closest to scrapbooking!

Next, and most recently, I made these pieces for my cousins wedding. She gets married tomorrow!! :-D
It is a table plan made with pegs to hold each card. This only had to be changed once...which usually happens for every wedding at some point!
The post box is for the cards at the reception. I had so much fun smothering it in flowers and lace!
Originally the colour scheme was just hot pink, but somehow her fiancé convinced her to change it to pink and purple!
I also did 70 Order of service's  for this wedding with really simple punched butterflies, and painstakingly punched out 120 of each pink and purple butterflies for her to stick onto her ready printed invites :-)