Blog Giveaway Winner!

I bet you all forgot, didn't you?!?
Nope, I really didn't forget. I had to go do some work at a show in Glasgow at the beginning of the month, and straight after returning I got some bad news which has pretty much taken up the rest of the month so far.
I wont be the bearer of doom and gloom on here, but I didn't want you all thinking I had neglected all those of you who were kind enough to follow this blog and share for me :-)

Sooooooooo, finally, the winner chosen totally randomly from all the entries was........


Congrats Samantha, please email me at louizabelle@hotmail.co.uk with your postal address and I will get this parcel sent out to you :-)


  1. So sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time, Lou... Hope things are a little calmer now.

    Congratulations to Samantha!
    Alison x

  2. hi, thank-you for picking me, I'm so happy,xx
    hope you are ok and sending you best wishes,xx

  3. Hi Lou, sorry you've not had a good past month, hope all's well now. xx


I really appreciate all comments left...Thank you :-)