The 'Big Thanks Becky' Blog Hop!!

Thank you all for popping over to my blog in Celebration of Becky James,
and all that she's done for us.
You should have been directed over here from the wonderful Jill Priors blog.
If not, take a peek below for a full list of the blogs to hop through :-)
Now Becky will always hold a special place in my heart.
She is a true friend, one whom I can turn to for advice of any subject, whether it be personal or professional, and she will always be there to listen.
I have many times received surprise 'snail mail' post from Becky with the most thoughtful notes, gifts or cards, and emails during tough times, just to check how I am.
Friends who are thoughtful like this are priceless.
Professionally, Becky is extremely talented, and her decision to continue her work as a freelance designer I know was not taken lightly, but was something the crafting world was screaming out for.
She has amazing determination, talent and ambition, so there is absolutely no doubt she will be a huge success.
So this collection of four canvases was made for Becky, and I hope the sentiment will help to remind her that she can succeed, but in order to do that, sometimes you have to take a giant leap. 
Becky, all your dreams are within your reach, and it won't be long before you have achieved everything and are having to make a new list of dreams :-)

Becky, these four canvases will be going in the post to you very soon, so you can put them somewhere as a constant reminder of how much we all believe in you, and how much you deserve to succeed. 

You can now pop along to the very talented Sarah Douglas' blog to continue our Thanks to Becky....

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  1. That's really beautiful- what a gorgeous gift. I love the sentiment- just perfect for where Becky is now. Love the clustered one at the bottom particularly ! x

  2. Lovely gifts and a beautiful sentiment.

  3. What a gorgeous little set of canvases! Off I hop! xx

  4. aaww lovely post and fab project for Becky, she'll treasure that for sure.

  5. Great post, Lou and I love the canvas - so beautiful! x

  6. Beautiful post and she will love those canvases so inspiring.

  7. What a lovely post! Wonderful makes too! Dx

  8. What beautiful canvases - a gorgeous reminder for Becky.... on to the next! Clare x

  9. Beautiful, heartfelt words and gorgeous canvases, am sure Becky will love these x

  10. Very pretty, I know Becky will think they are fab!

  11. Beautiful projects and beautiful words x


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