As of November 2015, please visit my new website 'Lou Collins Design' for an up to date Gallery, Resume and Blog!

Thanks :-)


  1. A new website is always exciting. The colors that are presented are beautiful and blend well together, and the fonts have a fun touch added to them that makes one want to read what is said. All of the details are in the process of getting worked out so that there is a suitable site for viewers to see and use.

    Russell Beck @ 5 Star Brand

  2. You’ve got a great selection of work. I don’t know how you manage to make something so complex and beautiful out of something as simple as paper. You’ve got a great deal of talent. My favourite piece by far was the “On Your Special Day” card – great use of texture and colour!

    Kendra Scott @ Business Online Presence

  3. This is an amazing layout. You really got all the colours to play together well, and it’s easy to find all the information and samples that a prospective client might need. I love the fact that you have a regular blog on the site too – helps keep people engaged and offers easy access to your new work.

    Tom Hall @ WCS Solutions


I really appreciate all comments left...Thank you :-)